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Buying established websites to make money

Buying websites is very similar to buying stocks, you are investing in what you believe the value of the website to be, with hopes that it continue to pay a dividend or increases in value. It is important to have a nice portfolio of sites earning you an income.

Flippa is an excellent place to look for websites that are already established, already making money, and available for sale.

Here are some points to remember when buying a website:

1. DO YOUR RESEARCH when buying websites, make sure you understand what you are buying don't be afraid to ask lots of questions, and be wary if you receive evasive answers.

2.When purchasing a website be sure that you know exactly what it will take to maintain the revenue a site is currently generating. Often a seller will tell you how much the site makes in revenue which is before expenses, for all you know they have spent 2x that amount on advertising.Make sure their traffic stats are not inflated for any reason.

3. Double check that all their content is unique, if it is a clone of another site it will be penalized by google.

4. Make sure you have the technical expertise and time to manage the site. Basically don't bite off more than you can chew

5. Try and verify as many claims the seller makes as possible. Ask for proof of statements.

6. Make sure you are not simply buying a website that links to the sellers products. Some times a seller will sell you an affiliate site that links to their product we're you will only earn a commission. Be sure that you are also buying the resale rights to the product the seller is selling (an ebook for example)

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7. It is best to buy something you know and are interested in. Don't buy a site on about soccer if you have no interest in soccer. You will never work on it.

Overall, buying an already established website can be very lucrative. It can provide you with a site that is already page ranked and has a steady stream of traffic. Traffic is the most important part. If a site has great traffic but the previous owner has not monetized it the site it could be a gold mine. But, there are a lot of lemons out there and sites that will take up more time than they are worth. Remember, there are literally millions of sites out there so choose wisely.

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